New Beta Jailbreak Out for iOS 4.1

Another day, another jailbreak. While the official jailbreak for iPhones running iOS 4.1 — named “Greenpois0n” — isn’t due until 10/10, iPhone hacker Geohot has released a beta version of his jailbreak, named “Limera1n.”

Limera1n is available for the iPhone 3G and the iPod Touch, but the iPhone 3GS doesn’t seem to be vulnerable to the exploit Geohot is using for this jailbreak. The iPad is not officially supported, as it doesn’t run iOS 4.1.

As usual, jailbreaking can be a risky undertaking. Keep in mind Limera1n is a beta jailbreak, and only runs on Windows at this point. We’re going to wait until Greenpois0n, as some problems have been popping up with this method already. Brave enough to take the plunge? Let us know in the comments!

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