Beep Lets You Control Any Speaker From Your iPhone Via WiFi

If you own an iPhone and want to stream music from it to a set of speakers, you already can do so through AirPlay. But maybe you don’t want to buy AirPlay-compatible equipment, or maybe you also own some Android-based hardware. If this sounds like you, you might want to check out Beep.

This funky-looking little device plugs into most any set of powered speakers with an auxiliary, RCA, or optical input hookup, and lets you stream audio from either iOS or Android over your home WiFi network.

Beep has one other trick to offer: Attach multiple Beeps to speakers throughout your home, and you can stream your music to all of them simultaneously and listen to the same song in every room. The company says you can stream music “five or more Beeps” simultaneously on “most Wi-Fi networks,” though it will depend on your network.

It’s a clever little device that we hope works as advertised. The Beep normally costs $149, but you can preorder it now for $99 through the Beep site.

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