Barnes and Noble update their app and rebrand it: it’s huge.

The B&N eReader is no longer and from this moment forward it should be referred to as Nook—Nook for iPhone, Nook for iPad. It makes sense from a marketing perspective that the name is actually consistent with the hardware device, but the new app isn’t just renamed,  it’s completely overhauled.

The iPad app now includes a rate feature, which was lacking previously, and also lets readers both select and share favourite books, as well as provide comments on books. Share books you say? Yup, I know it’s a crazy idea, but the LendMe technology lets you share a book with a friend for up to 14 days. Now that’s something a lot of people can get behind. Sharing a book will put the book on your friends device along with a note from you and an image of the book cover.

You can also now sync your bookmarks, notes, and the last page you read between the iPhone and iPad versions of the application. How stellar is that?

I’m starting to think that the Nook application is the way to go, if only it was available in Canada. Oh, who am I kidding? That hasn’t stopped me before.

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