Autofocus Your iPhone Pictures Using The Volume Up Button

iphone 5S camera

I’m tired of missing shots. I’m tired of blurry iPhone photos. Are you? I’m sure you know at this point that the iPhone lets you use the “volume up” button as a shutter button much like a point and shoot camera, but did you know that if you push and hold the button iOS won’t take a photo until the shot is in focus? It’s kind of like half pressing the shutter button on your point and shoot camera.

All you have to do is open up your camera application, aim your phone at the subject, and then push and hold the “volume up” button until a photo is taken. iOS 7 should focus in on whatever is in the normal focus box in the middle of the screen without making you tap to focus.

I say should because I’ve had mixed results in low-light situations. I’m not convinced, but my camera could be borked in my iPhone 5. I have a really difficult time getting non-blurry photos in my house after sundown. It’s always been the case too.

Photo Credit: Janitors (cc)

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