AT&T having upload speed issues

It appears as though AT&T is having some trouble with iPhones in certain parts of the United States. No, this is not related to the ‘grip of death’ issue. This issue is regarding uploads.

It seems as though certain parts of AT&T’s network are experiencing an issue with upload speeds, as depicted in this image.

This is not just one or two areas — it’s approximately 26 different regions. Anywhere from New York City, Minneapolis, Las Vegas, Detroit and Washington DC, just to name a few. This does not appear to be hitting the lower half of the nation, except Houston and Phoenix. Nor does it appear to be affecting the West Coast, excluding Seattle.

Upload speeds appear to be 10% of their normal amounts, around 100 Kbps, while most users are reporting that they typically get between 1.0 and 1.6 Mbps upload speeds. Here are my results:


There has been no official statement from AT&T regarding this change, but I have a hard time believing that this is intentional. It appears more likely that this is a software bug. Much like the ‘incorrect bar display’ issue. I’m also hoping that AT&T fixes this issue soon, for the sake of those who are affected.

Article Via Mac Rumors Forums

Photo Credit: Macrumors

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