AT&T Offering $200 Off iPhone Early Upgrades, New Mobile Share Plans

Seems like AT&T is trying to convert as many people as possible to the iPhone 5 before the newest iPhone is released this fall. The carrier is now offering an early upgrade price for the iPhone 5, which knocks $200 off the full retail price for the iPhone 5.  AT&T has also announced two new mobile share plans.

The early upgrade option is available for the 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB models. For instance, if you choose the 16GB, instead of paying $650 for an unsubsidized iPhone, you’ll only have to pay $450, along with a two-year contract.

The offer is available to all customers, not just the ones with an iPhone or a smartphone already. It looks like the deal is only available online, but a similar discount program for other smartphones is available in-store or through the company’s customer service calling center.

On top of the iPhone discounts, AT&T has also made some changes to its mobile share plans this week. Starting July 26, AT&T will start offering two new mobile share data options: 300MB or 2GB of data with unlimited talk and text.

The 300MB plan is only $20 a month, with additional costs per device added. The new 2GB plan is unpriced right now, but will fit somewhere in between the existing 1GB and 4GB plans, which are offered for $40 and $70 a month. The 2GB plan will probably be priced somewhere in the middle of those two.

Image Credit: Phandroid

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