AT&T: FaceTime Over Cellular For All!

Earlier this month AT&T announced that they would allow FaceTime over cellular for any customer with an LTE device that has a tiered data plan or Mobile Share plan. Now AT&T is reportedly extending this feature to all of its iPhone customers.

Despite previously announcing that only those with tiered data plans would be able to use the feature, some users who are grandfathered into their unlimited data plans are reporting that they are also able to use the feature. Users with the older iPhone 4 and unlimited data plans have noted on forums that FaceTime over cellular was quietly enabled, where it was previously not expected for these users.

AT&T originally said that rolling out the service for tiered data plans would take 8-10 weeks, but it looks like it’s happening a lot sooner than expected, and for a lot more people than expected. Some have reported having to restart their phone for the service to go into effect, and the service may still be rolling out in some areas that don’t yet have it.

Of course, since AT&T hasn’t actually confirmed the change in plans before beginning to enable the feature late last night, this could all just be a mistake on their part. Hopefully not though.

Update: We’re hearing that it may not be as network wide as we first thought:

Image Credit: Cult of Mac

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