AT&T now charging iPhone 4S customers more to access Exchange email

AT&T has made some changes to their data plans and appears to be poised to yank the rug out from its customers, again. The new data plans include several enterprise options, including unlimited enterprise. This “un”-limited plan carries the cost of $45/month, $15/month more than the standard (unobtanium) unlimited version that some users are locked into currently.

I’m unsure just how “new” these plans are, but what is really concerning is the description of the new plans.

From AT&T:

Data Unlimited for iPhone 4S Enterprise is for customers using iPhone to access corporate email (via Microsoft Exchange), company intranet sites, and/or other business solutions/applications. Includes unlimited domestic data (web and email), Visual Voicemail, plus unlimited Wi-Fi usage on the AT&T national Wi-Fi network.

Please note: An eligible data plan for iPhone is required. If AT&T determines that you are using an iPhone on your account without an eligible data plan, AT&T reserves the right to add an eligible data plan to your account and bill you the appropriate monthly fee. This data plan covers data usage in the United States and does not cover international data usage and charges. For information on international plans visit

Basically AT&T is claiming that if they catch you using Exchange, they have the right to auto upgrade and bill you for it. This is highly disturbing and even more so than the tethering auto billing upgrades as Exchange email is a standard unrestricted feature of the iPhone.

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