Apps of the Week: FlightTrack Pro, Instapaper, and iAWriter

It’s Friday, and that means it’s time to take a look at some awesome apps for each platform: iPhone, iPad, and Mac OS. Today, we’re focusing on travel assistants, content consumption, and distraction free writing.

Ready? Let’s begin.

iPhone/iPod touch:

FlightTrack Pro: If you are a frequent flyer, you need to make this app your best friend. I’m serious. Ditch the dog, the spouse, the partner, and all the other things. From now own, it’s just you and FT Pro. Flight Tracker gives users the ability to check their flight’s status, gates/terminals, any changes, delays or cancellations, and the connection status. Users can even use their GPS to see nearby aircraft flying overhead, zoom and pan the world map, and click on various flights on a map for more information. In a nutshell, Flight Tracker puts you in the air traffic control seat right from your smartphone. It’s a great app to have next to Angry Birds.

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Instapaper: Do you find yourself keeping numerous tabs open in the browser? Are they open to articles that you want to read, but you’re to busy to consume at the moment? Don’t worry. You’re not alone. In fact, millions of people suffer from the same problem. It’s called lack-of-instapaperitis. Fortunately for you, it’s curable by simply downloading this app! Designed and developed by former Tumblr co-founder, Marco Arment, Instapaper allows you to save web pages for later offline reading. You can browse articles that your friends posted on Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr. Or browse the Editor’s Picks, curated by hand from the Instapaper community’s most-saved stories. Not to mention, “sending to Instapaper” is supported by over 150 other iPhone and iPad apps (there’s even a Chrome app).

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iAWriter: This app is a flawless alternative to writing on the Mac. It offers many features that block out distractions and even includes iCloud to sync files with iAWriter for iPad. The best way to explain this application is with a video.

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Well, that’s it for this week folks! Like the apps we mentioned? Share the post with your friends. Have any suggestions? Email me at or ping me @jarederondu and I’ll check them out. Until next Friday, have a great weekend.

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