Apps Of The Week: VSCO CAM, Spell Tower, Found, and A Nifty Game

Thank goodness, it’s Friday and the god-awful work week is over. Nothing like starting your weekend off with a couple of fancy new apps to play with while you’ve finally got some time to yourself outside of the purview of your douchebag boss.

iPhone / iPod touch: VSCO CAM

Yeah, yeah, VSCO CAM is another camera app for the iPhone. The really cool thing about this $0.99 application isn’t that it’s a camera app, but it’s all about its simple post processing methods. Tap to snap, and tap to apply filters based on a scale system. The app also integrates with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and email, so sharing your pictures is a breeze.

If you need to increase your Hipster points to level 99, you’re gonna want to check this one out before all of your friends manage to get a hold of it.

Quick aside, the VSCOCAM website is pretty fantastic too. Make sure you check that one out.

Download links below

iPad: Spell Tower

If you like word games and Tetris-style games that have blocks falling from the roof, you’re going to want to check out Spell Tower. Letters fall in Tower mode, and you have to spell words before the tiles rise from the bottom of the screen to the top. The game has five modes and tremendous replay value. I can’t believe this universal app (works on the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad) is only 0.99. Worth it. It’s quite simply one of the best word games I’ve ever played.

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The Mac: Found

Back in 2009 we wrote a post about Precipitate, a plugin for Spotlight that lets users search their Google documents from directly in Spotlight. Found is similar, but it lets you search multiple Gmail accounts as well as Google Docs. Instead of tossing up those results in Spotlight, Found hides off of the screen until you hit the control key twice. The app will also search your local filesystem and Dropbox folders. It’s pretty handy and I’ve been using it more and more over the course of the week. It’s worth a download.

This app’s a bit of a cheat be causes it’s still invite only, but the developers are adding people fairly quickly, so if you’re interested in checking it out, expect a small, worthwhile wait.

Download The App From Their Website

Game Of The Week: Cubis Creatures

I’ve decided to add a game to the list of Apps Of The Week posts in its own category. This week we’re recommending Cubis Creatures. Simply put, your job is to line up three like-colored blocks to collect points. It’s not as easy as it sounds, though. You’re locked into a fixed 7×7 grid to line up your blocks by sliding them around. Difficulty ramps up as new block types get introduced with different attributes. It gets pretty addicting, pretty quickly. Cubis Creatures is also universal, so it will work on both your iPhone and iPad.

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