Apps Of The Week: A Rabbit, Some Pigs, And A New Way To Collect Favorites

The end of the week is finally here again, and that means one thing: a new Apps Of The Week post. Normally we try to keep a nice little even keel with the applications we’re recommending on a week to week basis, but this week we’re giving you two games and one application. After all, it’s the weekend and you deserve some gaming time.

iPhone / iPod touch: Kung Fu Rabbit

Rabbits and Kung Fu are two things we never thought we would see in an app, but man, the mashup has resulted in a lot of fun being had over the last week. The game is kind of a mix between League of Evil and plenty of other platformers available on iOS. The game has 70 levels, it’s universal (works on the iPad too!), and streams 720p game play footage to the Apple TV with AirPlay. There’s plenty of fun to be had here.

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iPad: Angry Birds Space HD

We were going to go with Flight Control Rocket, but their in-app purchase scheme has us plenty ticked off. Instead, we’re going with Angry Birds Space HD. The new release of Angry Birds provides enough of a twist on the original game play that we thought we would recommend it. Long story short, the Angry Birds are pissed at a claw that kidnapped their eggs. They catch a worm hole and try to exact revenge on those dastardly Space Pigs. There are new levels, trick shots using planetary gravity as a catalyst, and new super powers. It’s not the old Angry Birds in any way.

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The Mac: Favs

Until this point it’s been all fun and games, but we’ve fallen so deeply in love with Favs the we just had to pass it along. The application aggregates all of your likes and favorites across your social networks and then compiles them for you to access from within the Favs application. If you use this type of “favoriting” functionality to bookmark things you want to revisit on the web, this app makes it painfully easy to find them. It’s worth the download.

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