Apps Of The Week: Mishmash, And Mostly-Free Apps Edition

The end of the week is finally here again, and that means one thing: a new Apps Of The Week post from us, to you. Normally we try to keep a nice little even keel with the applications we’re recommending on a week to week basis, but this week we’re giving you a whole bunch of unrelated apps.

Let’s get this party started.

iPhone / iPod touch: Brewster

There are plenty of companies trying to redefine the address book and bring the application genre into the twenty-first century, but Brewster may just be the first application to actually pull it off and stick around on my phone for more than a week. The app connects to web services like Twitter and Facebook, and also syncs with Google Contacts, tying together all your information in one handy contact listing that makes it easy to call, text, email, and reach out on social networks to your contacts.

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The iPad: Diptic

This app, featured as Apple’s App of The Week (thieves!), lets you build collages from your photos on the iPad (and iPhone). It’s very much like Pic Stitch, but gives the user more granular control over photos, and it includes filters as well. It’s free and plenty of fun.

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The Mac: Tweetbot For Mac (Alpha)

If you like living on the edge, and don’t mind alpha apps (bugs and unfinished features), then you’re going to want to check out the newly released Tweetbot for Mac. The application is currently free because it’s an alpha application. It won’t be free forever, and it’s more than likely going to cost something once the full application is released on the App Store. The funny thing is that the alpha version of Tweetbot is still leaps and bounds beyond the official Twitter for Mac client at this point. It’s already replaced my other Twitter clients on the Mac.

You can get the alpha install files from the Tweetbot website

Game Of The Week: Tiny Wings / Tiny Wings HD

This iOS game is already one of the more successful iOS games to date. Version 2.0 of the game was just released as a free update, and while the game certainly isn’t as different as many expected Tiny Wings 2 to be, the game now has a new chapter called Flight School. Long story short, in Flight School mode you race two AI birds to the end of a level. It’s a lot of fun, and we recommend checking it out. Version 2.0 is also a free upgrade if you already own the original Tiny Wings.

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