Apps Of The Week: AnyList Grocery List, On The Table, Skitch & Rayman Jungle Run

It’s iPhone 5 release day! You may currently be waiting in a massive line to get into an Apple Store to get your grubby little hands on one. Well, well, this week’s Apps Of The Week are here to entertain you! Use this extra time to plan for your next grocery shopping trip, take the guess work out of what to make for dinner and use graphics to get creative with your feedback on projects. Or just go straight down to the most fun game you will play today. Our Game Of The Week will make the time go by in a snap!

The iPhone: AnyList Grocery List

“Honey, did you remember to pick up lemons at the grocery store?”
“Ugh, I want a divorce.”

Don’t let this happen to you. AnyList is a free app by Purple Cover that lets you create and share grocery shopping lists. Great for spouses, roommates and for general peacekeeping when there are multiple people living under one roof. Everyone’s gotta eat!

List changes show up instantly on everyones’ iPhone, so no more bringing home two cartons of milk only to have one go bad. Grocery items are automatically categorized so you can get in and get out of the store faster. Share easily, shop intelligently. Oh, if you need help planning meals, they’ve got recipes too.

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The iPad: On The Table

You think about it every day. A question that, for some, pops up in their minds in the morning. For others, it happens later in the afternoon. “What are we going to have for dinner tonight?”

On The Table is a free app from Transcontinental Inc. that lets you search recipes by keyword, type of cuisine or dietary restrictions. Once you find a recipe that gets your taste buds dancing, save them to your favorites. The app will then help you find deals at local grocery stores on the ingredients you need. While cooking, take note of your own tips and substitutions right in the app.  It comes with 100 free recipes and the option to purchase additional content packs.

Don’t feel like cooking tonight? It’ll help you find nearby restaurants for dine-in, delivery or take-out, powered by Check out options on a map and filter results by type of food, distance, rating and delivery service.

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The Mac: Skitch

Emails let us communicate quickly and with great detail, but sometimes we need less talk and more action. When it comes to giving feedback on projects to colleagues or clients, words could often be replaced with graphics. That’s what Skitch lets you do. Get ready to express yourself! (Cue Madonna.)

This free app lets you use shapes, arrows and text annotation to markup photos, screenshots, maps, webpages… you name it! Easily reposition, recolor and remove your annotations whenever you like. If you want to hide certain information, the “pixelate” feature allows you the easily obscure the sensitive stuff.

Skitch says it’s a great way to brainstorm design ideas, point something out in a photo, take a screenshot of inspiration or communicate bugs and issues. You can also sync with Evernote so you can access your Skitch notes on any platform or device. Share on Facebook, Twitter, through email and more should you feel so inclined.

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Game Of The Week: Rayman Jungle Run

Rayman wants to get through the jungle and collect as many coins as he can along the way. Using simple touchscreen gestures, you control when he jumps, flies, and when you get to higher levels, wall run and punch.

My initial reaction to Rayman Jungle Run was “Wow, this game is (f-bomb) fun!” If you don’t believe me you can tweet my editor @joshuaschnell and he’ll back me up. The controls are very simple but it’s still challenging. Most of the moves are about proper timing and not being too trigger happy because you’ll miss valuable coin collecting opportunities. Created by Ubisoft, I would pay $2.99 again to experience playing this game. You can too on iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.

The graphics are vibrant and entertaining. The music is upbeat, fun and not annoying, like so many video game soundtracks tend to be. Would you believe you can even download the soundtrack to Rayman Origins on iTunes. Next party you’re at, you know what to do.

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