Apps Of The Week 01/04/2013: Piction App, Jamie Oliver’s Recipes, Wunderlist, Save Publishing Now, The Grading Game

Happy New Year everyone! The holidays are finally behind us, and hopefully you’re not stressing over your resolutions. We’ve got some more apps for your Apple gear.

iPhone/iPod Touch: Piction App

Captioned photos is the second language of the Internet. People may spend hours crafting a thoughtful blog post, but it doesn’t hold nearly the same possibility of viral spread that a silly photo of your cat with a clever phrase superimposed over the top does (if you want that kind of thing, hit us up on Facebook). Piction makes creating these images on the iPhone easy. You can either take a new photo or caption an existing photo from the Camera Roll. It’s a pretty easy interface, and it has a wide variety of fonts. The app is only $0.99 and it’s available here.

iPad: Jamie Oliver’s Recipes

Considering that diets are the perennial New Year’s resolution, it may be wise to reach out for help in learning how to cook healthy. Jamie Oliver has spent his career trying to get people excited about healthy food. The iPad has always made for a great kitchen companion, and Jamie Oliver’s app is meant to be useful to both novice and advanced cooks. The app automatically adjusts recipes based on the number of servings and can create shopping lists automatically. The app is free at first, but to get more content requires a monthly subscription. However, you can sample ten recipes and three of the tutorial videos. You can download the app here.

Mac: Wunderlist

There are very few to-do list apps that can beat the simplicity of Reminders on the Mac. Power users, on the other hand, find Reminders’ simplicity limiting. Wunderlist was recently upgraded to its second version and has added a host of features that greatly surpass the built-in Reminders. You can set up repeating tasks, share your project lists and tasks, as well as sync your lists across devices. Best of all, Wunderlist is free, which beats many of the other task managers out there. It can be downloaded from the Mac App Store.

Web: Save Publishing Now

Hyperbolic name aside, this is a pretty cool little Bookmarklet. It is a utility that will parse an article for all available sentences that can be Tweeted. After selecting the Bookmarklet, all of the Tweetable text is highlighted in red. You can then copy and paste your highlights to Twitter when sharing the latest great editorial here at Macgasm.  <\shamelessplug >  You can grab the bookmarklet here

Game of the Week: The Grading Game

Learning games are not always fun. The Grading Game manages to give a grammar game a veneer of schadenfreude, and manages to create something really fun. The game puts the player in the role of a TA desperately trying to work off their student loan debt by grading papers for the sadistic Dr. Snerpus. Snerpus delights in getting revenge for nasty social networking posts about his class by challenging you to find enough mistakes in the student’s writing to fail them. There are several modes and tons of unique stages. The full game is only $0.99 but you can try a limited free version here.

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