Apple’s putting the cellphone industry to shame

We had some idea just how successful Apple’s been with their iPhone, but we never really took the moment needed to fully appreciate just how much they’ve obliterated the industry. Say what you will about the iPhone, it’s still pretty amazing just how fast they were able to not only bring a competitor to market, but also redefine the industry. Talk about striking gold.

From 2007 until present, Apple has not only caught up with the entire industry, they’ve surpassed them entirely, according to Goldman Sachs. Now, I might be reading the graph wrong, but it seems that since Apple’s entered the market they’ve managed to capture half of the existing market, as well as a large slice of the expanded market. No wonder RIM, Nokia, and the rest of the cellular industry players are so pissed that Apple pointed out their shortcomings after Antennagate. It’s like the new kid at school getting all the hot girls, and then when the same girls start figuring out that the new kid has problems, the new kid turns around and points out how big of a loser the other kids still are.

I’d be pissed too.

Article Via Business Insider

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