Apple’s trying to hide a microphone in the headphone plug

Less is more, and any time Jobs and Co. can cut down on irrelevant holes in a device, they’re going to do it. Firewire went away in the MacBook, and Light Peak is just around the corner, so clearly Apple has a vested interest in making their products as clean as possible. This patent says a lot about the culture at Apple. Instead of having two microphones on an iPhone, one of which cancels noise, Apple’s planning a way to put one of them into the headphone jack of your device, hidden out of sight.

It’s amazing how simple some of these things are, but it’s probably even more amazing that no one else has thought of it yet. For Apple, out of sight is out of mind, and any time they can give you something out of sight, they’re going to do it.

Hopefully this will let them clear up the microphone spot on the bottom of the device and actually give us a stereo speaker on our phones. Mono just doesn’t cut it for me.

Article Via Slashgear

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