Apple’s App Stores now home to 400,000 titles

While Apple doesn’t publicize the number of App Store titles, AppShopper is reporting that the current number of applications has crossed the 400,000 mark.

This number includes apps for the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Mac. It really is staggering that the iOS App Store is only three years old. The Mac App Store — home to 5,000 apps — is less than six months old.

Here are the numbers, as of this writing:

  • Total Apps Approved: 507,298
  • Total Available Apps: 401,449
  • Total Available iPhone Apps: 361,309
  • Total Available iPad Apps: 97,948
  • Total Available Mac Apps: 5,053

If these numbers are accurate, I think Apple will boast “almost half a million” apps at WWDC next week.

Article Via TheNextWeb

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