Apple’s ad campaign, a brief history…

Apple has used their ad campaign to get switchers, when switching wasn’t cool.  They had a good run with the “Get a Mac” ads with John Hodgman and Justin Long.  Aptly named PC and Mac.  Now Apple is focusing their ad campaign on the iPhone.  Apple has been airing iPhone ads that cater to everyone’s lifestyle.  One in particular that I can relate to as a dad is their latest iPhone ad – “Family Man”.

Switcher Ad

Before I get into the current iPhone ad, I thought I would take a stroll down Memory Lane.  Let’s go back say about ten years when Apple had their Switcher’s ad campaign.  They were a mix of using regular people and celebrities pointing out the virtues of the Mac.  One I remember in particular was the Switcher ad with a non celebrity named Aaron Adams.  He explains how he’s a Window’s guy that has switched to the Mac.  I can totally relate to this guy, and how he feels.  That’s why these commercials work so well, is because they are relatable.  Below is the thirty second spot, please watch before continuing to read:

I work in Information Technology, and everything Aaron is saying is true.  You have to deal with Windows, and yes it is in your face.  I look forward to coming home, and working on my Mac.  Because I know that I am going to work on a computer that will not give me any problems, or I’ll have to spend time fixing.  I can do what I need to do, and have the rest of the evening free to spend with my family.  Ask a Windows user if they can say the same thing.

Get a Mac Ad

Now lets travel ahead in time say about six years.  Apple is now airing “Get a Mac” ads, in which you have two characters, one is PC and the other is Mac.  They are played by John Hodgman and Justin Long respectively.  These ads were still in the vein of the Switcher ads; however, they brought more of a comedic presence to the ads.  PC was representative of Bill Gates, a suit wearing, more interested in spreadsheets, and not innovative.  As where Mac was representative of Steve Jobs, a hip jean wearing, more interested in being creative, and touting the Apple slogan – “It just Works.”.  Personally I loved these ads, however, some people hated these ads right off the bat.  Then there are others that found them to be getting old towards the end.  Below is one of my favorite “Get a Mac” ads:

iPhone Ad – Hello

Ok, time travelers. lets fast forward a couple of years to the first iPhone ad.  This one was played during the Oscars, and it was simply titled “Hello”.  It showed snippets of TV and Movie characters answering the phone saying, “Hello”.  It started with Lucy from I Love Lucy answering the phone, and ending with Mr. Incredible from The Incredible’s answering the phone.  The simplicity of this commercial it what made it memorable.  Below is the “Hello” ad”

iPhone Ad – Family Man

Now we’ve traveled back to the future — to the present day.  Apple’s latest iPhone ad titled Family Man describes in thirty seconds how the iPhone is not just Dad’s iPhone, but the entire families.  As I mentioned at the beginning, I can totally relate to this video.  When my wife and I got our iPhones, our kids monopolized them when we went out to dinner, or when we were in the car on long trips.  It was their personal video player.  Now they have their own iPod Touches, and my wife and I have our iPhones back.  For your viewing enjoyment I now present you with the latest iPhone ad – “Family Man”:

Photo Credit: Get_a_Mac_ad_characters

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