Apple: Yep, You Can Order Your iPhone At 12:01 AM Tomorrow

According to Wired, Apple has told them via email that the iPhone 5 will be up for preorder tomorrow morning (September 14) at 12:01am PDT. If you’d rather not order directly via and are in the United States, you can also order your phone through AT&T, Sprint or Verizon tonight at roughly the same time.

We’d highly recommend preordering your iPhone as early as possible as new iPhones tend to sell out pretty darn fast. If you don’t put your order in tonight, expect to wait a few weeks (or months) for your phone to arrive. However, if you get your preorder in early, you should expect your iPhone 5 to arrive on launch day (September 21).

Remember, be patient when ordering your iPhone. With potentially millions of others trying to do the same, Apple’s site may crash a few times. Also, make sure you have all necessary account information in front of you when ordering to make the process go as smooth as possible. It might also be worth looking at your upgrade eligibility ahead of time if you plan on purchasing your iPhone 5 on-contract.

Get your coffee maker brewin’, folks.

Source: Wired

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