Apple updates unreleased 10.7.2 and iCloud betas

Though not yet available to the public, Apple has updated the beta software for OS X 10.7.2 and their upcoming cloud-storage system, iCloud. The build number for 10.7.2 is now at 11C40 with a whopping 730MB download footprint. Interestingly, the 10.7.2 beta has been seeded since July, before developers received the 10.7.1 beta, and are now being asked to kick the tires primarily onĀ Airport, AppKit, graphics drivers, the Mac App Store, Mail and Spotlight. OS X 10.7 Lion was released in July by way of Apple’s App Store and marked the first time Apple has focused on digital distribution for a major operating system update, and the first point releases (10.7.1) dropped last week. As per usual, there’s no release date set for 10.7.2, but three builds have been released to developers so far and it’s a fair guess that we’ll see it this fall when iCloud is launched in all its splendor.

Speaking of which, iCloud is a new direction for Apple and is likely to lead the industry in widespread acceptance (and expectation) of cloud storage systems. Users will transparently keep copies of their music, photos and documents online with the iCloud service, not only facilitating not seamless backups but also the ability to synchronize data over all your Apple devices. iCloud is expected to drop with iOS 5 this fall and, as already mentioned, is likely to see 10.7.2 arrive along with it.

Source: MacNN

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