Apple Store Now Selling Nike+ FuelBand For Tracking Fitness In U.S., Canada, And U.K

This morning Apple added the Nike+ FuelBand to its online store with two new colors and it’s not only available in the U.S., but in Canada and the U.K. as well. In addition to Apple Stores, the FuelBand will also be available through Nike’s online store and retail stores in the same in countries with the same new colors. This is the first time that this device has been made available right in Canada from a non-gray market source.

If you don’t already know, the Nike+ FuelBand is Nike’s fitness tracking accessory that is designed to measure a person’s daily activity and produce a score, called NikeFuel, which represents how much has been accomplished throughout the day, regardless of the actual activity. Wearers can also see time, calories, and steps, which shows up on the LED screen at the push of a button, and it works with an iOS app that keeps track of progress as a whole. It works with the iPhone 4, 4S, 5 and thord generation or later iPod touches.

The Nike+ FuelBand sells for $150, which is meant to help Nike capitalize from other activity trackers, like the FitBit line and the short-lived Jawbone Up. Reviews for the FuelBand have been mixed. Some say it isn’t accurate enough for real training. It functions more as a casual motivator for workouts then helping to build a fitness program for professional athletes.

Apple puts a pretty big focus on the role of fitness-related devices for personal health, and the company is continuing to do so with the addition of the Nike+ FuelBand in these additional countries.

Image Credit: Cool Hunting

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