Apple: Sorry Angry Syrians, No Soup For You

Why fling birds at pigs when you can fling bombs at Al Assad in Syria. Wait, what? Angry Syrians, created by Frederic Jacobs, found its way into Apple’s App Store review process, and then immediately back out again and on its ass where it belongs.

According to Frederic Jacobs, Apple has denied Angry Syrians access to the App Store because it violates the company’s app guidelines. Apple decided after two months of deliberating that the “app [contained] defamatory or offensive content targeted at a specific group, which is not in compliance with the App Store Review Guidelines.”

In a blog post published on his personal site, Jacobs points out that the entire project was intended to be satirical and a teaching tool to bring some awareness to what’s going on with the Syrian civil war:

You may ask how this project may help the Syrian cause. It’s all about education. Whatever you’ll be doing with this code keep in mind that it was originally designed made to educate people about what’s going on in Syria.

We’re calling bullshit. How the heck is throwing bombs at angry looking cartoons wearing military hats educational? Outside of the name, what exactly is educational about the game?

Of course, Angry Syrians will eventually be available on Cydia. How awesome would it be to work on Apple’s review team for a month? I wouldn’t mind seeing what other crap tries to make its way into the App Store.

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