Apple ‘Ship to Store’ launched for San Francisco retail locations

We reported yesterday on Apple’s plan to offer Ship to Store as a shipping option from its online store. The feature, which allows you to pick up stock items ordered online directly from your store, or gift them to others even, went live today in San Francisco as a test site.

Customers shopping online with Apple can now select and have their items sent to an actual brick and mortar Apple Store. More locations are sure to be following in the next couple of weeks with the holidays right around the corner.

I was a little puzzled by this at first, as a trip to the Apple Store is what I try to avoid by shopping online, but a question posted by 9to5Mac got me thinking.

Can you imagine how great this will be for the new Apple Store inside Grand Central Terminal?

I started thinking about ordering my next Mac while on my way to the store and having it just be ready to go for me and already paid for etc. The prospect of that is pretty exciting.

So if you have something you really want to buy and have sent to San Francisco, you can do so right now: Apple Store

Source: 9to5Mac

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