Apple researched privacy screens back in 2009

Have you ever noticed some jerk peeking over your shoulder at your iPhone or iPad screen, watching what you’re doing? Apple may just have your back in the near future. Electronista managed to dig up a patent filed in 2009 by Apple that would let users increase and decrease the privacy levels of their screens using a new scattering module.

The module would steer the light coming through the display by narrowing the cone of light being sent through the display, thereby eliminating the peeper’s ability to peep over your shoulder. The patent points out that the technology could be used in all of Apple’s products as well as future displays using OLED technology.

Keeping in mind that Apple filed this in 2009, and that there are over a couple dozen options for privacy screens on the market already, we’re not sure that we’ll be seeing this any time soon.

That being said, it is pretty neat.

Article Via Electronista

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