Apple Reminding iCloud Users Of Sept. 30 Storage Downgrade

Apple has started sending out email reminders notifying iCloud users of the coming storage downgrades to their accounts on September 30. The emails are sent out to former MobileMe subscribers who are using the 20GB free iCloud storage.

When iCloud was introduced with the iPhone 4S and iOS 5 last October, Apple offered paid MobileMe subscribers free 20GB of extra iCloud storage temporarily if they migrated their accounts to its new online storage platform. So those who switched from MobileMe to iCloud were given a total of 25GB of storage space, including the free 5GB offered to new users. This extra space was to expire on June 30th of this year, but in May Apple extended this date until the end of September. So with only six days left, Apple is reminding iCloud users to act now.

In the email, iCloud users that have more than 5GB synced to their iCloud accounts are being warned that unless they pay for the extra storage, apps will no longer back up documents to iCloud. Apple won’t actually delete any data above the 5GB if you don’t upgrade, but any new iCloud syncs will be blocked and new data won’t be saved.

Upgrades start at $20 for 10GB and go up to $100 for 50GB and Apple charges users yearly. This doesn’t include the 5GB of free storage though, so if that’s all you need then you don’t have to worry about paying.

Source: The Next Web and TUAW
Image Credit: The Next Web

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