Apple Releasing Slew Of New iPhone/iPod Accessories?

It’s finally here. Later today Apple will be hosting possibly the most anticipated keynote so far, and Apple fans everywhere are anxiously biting their nails in anticipation (we have coverage). Everyone has heard the rumors traveling through the grapevine about what to expect at today’s event, and here are a couple of iPhone/iPod accessories that we might see later today.

One of the more common rumors is that the iPhone will feature a new, smaller dock connector, which will replace the current 30-pin connector that has been paired with iOS devices since 2007. The new 9-pin dock connector will reportedly be known as “Lightning,” similar to the Mac’s connector, called Thunderbolt. It will apparently sell for somewhere between $10-$20.

Earlier this month, it was reported that Apple would be replacing the standard earphones that come with most iDevices. New reports support this rumor, and now we have a name to go along with it. The new earphones will apparently be called “Earpod,” and will feature a brand new design and improved sound. It’s unclear if the Earpod will actually replace the standard Apple earphones, or if they will be sold separately as a premium model.

The last accessory that Apple is rumored to be releasing is called “Loop” for the new iPod touch. Loop will come in white/black, white/red, white/pink, white/yellow, and white/blue and sell for around $10. It’s not clear exactly what this accessory is, but a good guess might be that it’s some sort of lanyard, to prevent the more accident prone of us from dropping our iPod touches.

Stay tuned to Macgasm later today for full coverage of Apple’s keynote!

Source: iMore via 9to5Mac
Image Credit: ProductReviews and 9to5Mac

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