Apple releases iTunes Movie Trailers for iOS

Amidst the massive update release from Apple today (iOS 5, iCloud, Lion update, etc), Apple snuck a new movie trailer app right on by us and into the iTunes App Store. It’s not your normal movie trailer application. iTunes Movie Trailers not only lets you view trailers, but it also lets you view movie posters, check local listings, and see what movies are being released in the future.

Think Apple’s trailer webpage, but streamlined for the iPad and iPhone, and a lot more intuitive, just like the iOS experience is expected to be these days. Like the webpage, iTunes Movie Trailers lists a synopsis, genre, director, and cast information, as one would expect. The application also lists similar titles and related videos that are currently available on iTunes. Apple also built in Rotten Tomatoes scores and reviews right into the application so you can see what’s a hit and what’s a miss.

You can get the application in the iTunes App Store.

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