Apple releases iAd Producer for free

Apple has just unleashed an iAd creation tool onto the masses for free. Well, the free isn’t really true. You have to pay for the iOS developer package ($99/yr), but after that, there’s no charge.

The iAd producer gives developers the tools they need to create media rich advertisements for iOS devices using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. Developers will have the ability to get their code on, but the iAd Producer also lets people drag and drop their way to “beautiful, motion-rich iAd content.”

The release is interesting, because up until this point iAd creators have been forced to work closely with Apple. This drag and drop tool reveals more questions than it answers. Is Apple looking to open up the iAd program to the general public? Currently Apple is only showing off a couple of select companies (Nissan et al.), but if Apple’s going to take on Google’s Ad business, they’re going to have to let more people in on the action. It might not be the Apple way, and this might not be the case, but the iAd producer release sure points to Apple opening up the market.

Article Via 9 to 5 Mac

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