Apple releases 6 free iOS development books


If you’re thinking about getting into the iPhone development game this winter, Apple’s just made your life a little bit easier by releasing six developer guides.

Steve Jobs’ fight against bookshelf clutter is well underway.

The six books can be found in the iBookstore and they are titled, iOS Human Interface Guidelines, Object Oriented Programming with Objective-C, Cocoa Fundamentals Guide, The Objective-C programming Language, iOS Technology Overview, and iOS Application Programming Guide. That’s a lot of information right there. We’d provide links to the books, but apparently Apple still feels the best way for you to search for eBooks is directly on your iOS device.

So, if you want to download the material, you’ll need good old iBooks. I guess it’s a fair trade off, especially if you’re planning on developing for the iPhone and iPad.  You should have iBooks handy, right?

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