Apple Puts iPhone 5 Launch Day Video On Its Website

Apple recently added a new video to the iPhone 5 video collection on its website, which includes the iPhone 5 keynote, TV ads, and promotional videos. The video is a two minute clip showing the lineups, crowds and excitement from both buyers and Apple employees at a number of different Apple Stores around the world on iPhone 5 launch day.

It does a good job of really portraying how excited people were that first day. The video shows some early buyers being interviewed by local TV news crews and the initial setup by Apple employees. It also shows a number of other highlights from that day, like the first customers to be let into the stores high fiving people on their way, an elderly couple setting up their new iPhone 5, a deaf costumer purchasing his device, and a lot of initial reactions when costumers first opened that little box.

The video just really goes to show the excitement that Apple products can generate in consumers, which is something other competitors haven’t managed to achieve to the same degree. The iPhone 5 is set to debut in 100 countries before the end of 2012, and is already in over 30 countries, with major regions like mainland China still to come.

Kaylie lives in Ottawa and got her first Mac in 2007 and is now a fan for life.