Apple Pushes iOS 7 Beta 4 To Developers

Apple has today pushed the fourth beta build of iOS 7 to registered iOS developers. The update can be downloaded now via the Settings app on devices that are running a previous iOS 7 build. As of now, the download isn’t available via the Developer Portal due to the ongoing shutdown.

The fourth beta of iOS 7 brings many new features and fixes to the operating system. For instance, a few changes have been made to the lock screen, Phone app, and Camera app. The Calendar app has also received a few fixes. The full set of changes has been posted publicly by AppAdvice.

iOS 7 beta 4 was originally supposed to be released on July 22nd, but due to the shutdown of the developer portal, it was pushed back to today, July 29th. The developer portal was shutdown due to a security threat that caused Apple to rework most, if not all, of the portal. Apple has been progressively putting updated parts of the portal back online, but the rework is still not complete. The shutdown took place on July 18th.

iOS 7 was announced by Apple back in June at the yearly World Wide Developers Conference. The software update brings a complete redesign to the popular iOS platform. During the event, Apple also announced OS X Mavericks, iTunes Radio, and a new iteration of the MacBook Air.

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