Almost every Apple product but White “Unicorn” iPhone 4 wins Engadget award

I’m in the business of writing about Apple news, but even I was a little bit taken back by the clean sweep Apple just pulled off in the 2010 Engadget Awards—Readers’ Choice poll. I’m not exactly sure what to say, except that every major Apple product pulled out a win except for the White “Unicorn” iPhone 4, but it probably would have too if it had actually shipped by now. If there was a major category, an Apple product won.

  • Gadget of the Year: iPad
  • Smartphone of the Year: iPhone “Antennagate” 4
  • Desktop of the Year: Apple iMac
  • Laptop of the Year: Apple MacBook Air
  • Display of the Year: Apple Retina display
  • Home Entertainment Device: Apple TV 2G
  • Portable Media Device: iPad
  • Tablet PC of the Year: Apple iPad

See what I mean? I even had to double check that my “Apple goggles” were still tucked away in my desk drawer. The only thing I can really pull from this is that technology lovers are currently in love with Apple. I mean, we’re called Macgasm, so we clearly agree, but I didn’t even see this one coming from Engadget readers.

Reminder: This was based on readers and not tech journalists. Let us know what you think in the comments. We’re pretty sure the Google fans will, so let’s keep it balanced.

Article Via Engadget

Photo Credit: Nicolas Fleury (via iDesk)

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