Apple PR inviting journalists to WWDC, sparks iPhone 5 (iPhone 4S?) preview rumors yet again

Reports have surfaced that Apple PR’s team in the UK has been inviting journalists to WWDC, set to kick off on June 6th in San Francisco.

The reports have once again kicked off rumors that Apple will be releasing its next iPhone at the conference. The iPhone 3G, 3GS and 4 were all announced during the keynote, but it has been largely held that the company will just be focusing on software this year.

Rumors currently peg the next iPhone to launch this fall, making a June preview seem very early. The original iPhone was announced six months before it went on sale, but since then the dates of Apple’s announcement and release of new devices have been much closer together.

It may be that Apple really wants to show off Lion to the press at the event. While the company has been silent on a date for the next major version of iOS — and the iPhone — Apple has said Lion will launch this summer. A WWDC preview makes perfect sense for the next version of OS X.

If Apple is set to announce some major cloud services, the company is also likely to be itching to show it off to the press.

I have no doubt journalists will be in attendance at the Keynote. But the next iPhone? It really seems too soon.

Article Via The Next Web

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