Apple files patent for correcting camera tilt

Today, Apple filed a patent for technology that will correct photos with perspective and tilt distortion. The patent indicates that devices such as iPhones could use built in technology such as the accelerometer, gyroscope or GPS to determine its orientation and distance from the object being photographed, and then use this information to adjust photos that are tilted or skewed.

According to the patent, this technology will be able to distinguish between the artsy, intentional camera tilts and the accidental, “I’m so drunk I can’t see straight” camera tilts to give you great photos regardless of your level of intoxication. It may be applied either as the photo is being taken or just after, and should function automagically, convincing you that the mad camera skills are all yours. I think the illustrations above do the best job of demonstrating exactly what this patent could accomplish. Ultimately, it sounds like this patent could make Apple’s cameras just a little bit better.

Article Via CNET

Photo Credit: CyDevice

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