Apple Now Denying Apps With Dropbox Integration Access To The App Store

If you’re developing an app destined for the App Store, and you’re using the Dropbox SDK in some capacity, you may want to take a moment and evaluate whether or not your app will be denied from the App Store. Word on the street has it that Apple has begun denying applications that make use of the Dropbox SDK.PandoDaily broke the news. Here’s a quote from a rejection letter sent from Apple to a developer:

Straight from the lion’s mouth: “We found that your app provides access to external mechanisms for purchases or subscriptions to be used in the app[…] Specifically, this app contains a link that takes the user to Dropbox via Safari.”

Apple’s not a fan of applications that don’t make use of their in-app purchasing model and that instead turn around and link app users through to a website that provides links to new account creation and payment systems for accounts. Dropbox isn’t the first company to run afoul of Apple in this regard; Amazon also had problems and ultimately removed links from within the application that pointed to the Kindle store.The Dropbox team has already responded, posting an updated version of its SDK online. The new version removes any links that point to the Dropbox site for creating new accounts. The Dropbox team is still working with Apple to resolve the issue entirely and possibly come up with a better solution for its customers. If you’re developing an application and you’re using the Dropbox SDK, you should check out the new version of the SDK and implement it before submitting your application for approval.


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