ComScore Report Shows Apple Out Growing The Competition In Japan

A new report from comScore has Apple out growing the competition in Japan, and growing by 1.5 percent on the whole in the country, while Sharp (-1.1%), NEC (-0.1%), and Sony (-0.3%) all saw their new subscriber numbers falter. The study surveyed 4,000 Japanese mobile subscribers and found that Apple accounted for only 34.4 percent of the smartphone market while the entire Android platform accounded for 61.4 percent. While Android owns the market, Apple sees the strongest growth.

From the comScore report:

More than 19.3 million people in Japan owned smartphones during the three months ending in February, up 28 percent versus November. Android’s share of the smartphone market reached 61.4 percent, while Apple ranked second with 34.2 percent of the smartphone market (up 1.3 percentage points versus November 2011), followed by Microsoft, which accounted for 3.9 percent in February 2012.

Given the number of Android handsets on the market, it’s not overly surprsing that Android is domainating the Japanese market. That said, I’ve got a question that needs some answering: Why is it that report after repost has the iPhone and Mac outgrowing the competition, but there’s never any real marketshare gains posted? Seems a little curious, doesn’t it?

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