Apple Looking To Retail Employees For Help Improving

It’s been suggested that it’s going to take quite a bit of time for Apple to get Maps on par with Google’s Maps offerings. If Apple has anything say about it, the timeline is about to be greatly expedited. Rumor has it that Apple’s approaching its retail staff at a number of Apple Stores for help with improving the Maps app. According to a report from MacRumors, select retail stores will begin dedicating 40 hours of staff time, per week, to correcting information in Apples’ Maps application manually.

We’ve all seen pictures of Google’s Maps cars driving around town, capturing city streets and other information, but it seems Apple’s about to take a more human approach with solving its problems. We’re not sure what the process will entail, and whether or not Apple will require its retail employees to hit the streets in their neighborhoods or just examine maps from the luxury of their stores.

From the sounds of it, Apple’s taking the criticisms of rather seriously, and it’s nice to see that the company is actually doing everything it can to correct problems in short order. There’s a lot of problems with, but for the most part, it functions as expected. Well, with that one exception where told me San Francisco was in the province of Quebec, just a dozen miles from my door. I was ready to take a trip to the mothership and everything.

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