Apple introduces Notification Center for iOS 5

With over 100 billion notifications served, there have been many well deserved complaints on how these function. Today Apple addressed our hate with a completely revamped notification system in the next version of iOS 5. From within the OS you can swipe down from the top to see your Notification Center.

If you get a text message in the middle of playing a game, it shows at the top of the screen and then vanishes on its own in a few moments — no more interrupting your hot game of Angry Birds.

The lockscreen is really where the magic is happening for me. Much like Lockinfo on jailbroken devices, you get all your pending email, phone calls, and text messages at a glance. They even have stock and weather widgets.

You can swipe across the message and go straight to the corresponding app. While I’m sure we will hear from the Jailbreak community on how they have had this for years, well now the rest of you can have it without the instability of Jailbreaking your iPhone.

Photo Credits: This is my Next and Engadget

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