Apple Introduces “Add to Passbook” Badge For Developers And Businesses

Apple’s new Passbook feature was released alongside iOS 6 and helps retailers provide digital passes, tickets, and gift cards to consumers, eliminating the need for actual physical passes. Now, in order to increase branding of its new app, Apple has begun releasing a new “Add to Passbook” badge for developers and businesses to incorporate in their apps, websites, and emails.

The new “Add to Passbook” badges work just like the “Available on the App Store” badges most people are already familiar with that advertises an app’s availability on the App Store. So with the “Add to Passbook” badge, developers and businesses can advertise the availability of digital coupons and tickets using Apple’s Passbook.

Apple is encouraging developers to use the badge if they provide Passbook passes for iPhone users. By using the badge, developers are letting customers know that when they complete a transaction or receive booking information they are notified that they can download their ticket or pass to their iPhone to use later.

Before this, retailers who supported Passbook had to use their own buttons or badges to advertise the availability of Passbook passes on their websites. Not only does the launch of the Passbook badge make it easier for retailers to make sure Passbook is the same across all services, but it also pushes Apple’s Passbook brand and costumers will know exactly what they’re getting from the badge if it’s available.

Developers are expected to follow Apple’s rules when putting the Passbook badge on their website, email or apps. This includes the size, shape, positions and agreeing to not alter the design of the badge, aside from localizing the “Add to” text.

Apple’s Passbook has gotten off to a somewhat slow start, but the new badge should help it gain some speed by letting users know where they can use the app and helping businesses and developers make the service more universal.

Source & Image Credit: The Next Web

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