Apple In Talks To Include LTE-Advanced Networks In Future iPhones

New reports are saying that Apple is in talks with South Korean carrier SK Telecom about bringing faster LTE-advanced data networks to future iPhones. It was just last week that SK Telecom first announced the launch of the world’s first publicly available LTE-A network.

“SK Telecom is approaching Apple to put out LTE-A technology on the upcoming iPhone 5S. We are in the middle of negotiations,” an SK Telecom executive told The Korea Times.

Samsung’s Galaxy S4 LTE-A is the first device to include SK Telecom’s new technology, but if talks pan out, Apple could bring similar data speeds to the iPhone 5S and beyond.

According to The Korea Times, Apple could release an LTE-A iPhone “in the coming months” on the iPhone 5S, but this might be a bit of a stretch. It’s hard to believe that with Apple only in talks with SK Telecom at this point that it would be ready to include the new technology in a device that is expected to launch so soon.

Image Credit: zBloggers

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