Apple hates the telcos as much as we do. A new patent proves it.

There are few things in this world that irk me more than cellphone carriers. It doesn’t help that most of them also provide internet services in my neck of the woods. But, any time someone takes issue with a carrier or the system on a whole, I crack a big smile.

A recent Apple patent has surfaced today that show that Apple dislikes carriers as much as we do, and trust me, I have a huge smile on my face.

Instead of users going to the carriers for rates and contracts, carriers would go through a “dynamic carrier selection” process that would let users tender bids from multiple networks for contract rates and bundles. How huge would that be? Instead of having to jump through a thousand hoops to get answers on bundles and prices, you’d be provided information on their best bundles.

“In some situations, bids are received from multiple network operators for rates at which communication services using each network operator can be obtained. Preferences among the network operators are identified using the received bids, and the preferences are used to select the network operator for the mobile device to use in conducting communications,” the filing noted.

This would all be made possible due to the dual band chipset now in the Verizon iPhone, and likely all other future iPhones and iPads. Man, if this was a reality, I’d sure hate carriers a lot less.

Say what you want about Apple, but you can’t argue that they aren’t thinking about giving consumers the best possible experience on a daily basis.

Article Via Apple Insider

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