Apple finally selling unlocked iPhone in U.S.

This morning Apple began selling iPhone 4s unlocked directly from their online Apple Store. While unlocked iPhones have been around for a while outside of the U.S., this marks the first time that Apple has decided to provide a non-subsidized phone in the U.S. The phones are currently selling for between $649 and $749 online.

So, why would you want an unlocked, non-susidized phone, besides sticking it to the carriers? Well, an unlocked phone lets you take your phone with you whereever you go, and onto whatever network you please. For instance, if you have a GSM iPhone 4, you’d be able to use the phone anywhere in the world on a GSM network, without having to jump through red tape and unlock software, which typically comes with the luxury.

Like we said off the top, a number of countries already sell unlocked iPhones, but this is the first time Apple’s letting customers in the U.S. walk away with unlocked devices. As pointed out by Peter Cohen in his ZDNet article titled Apple sells unlocked iPhones in U.S., this move is also aimed at international travellers annoyed with having to pay ridiculous international roaming charges while abroad. As of now, you can purchase a prepaid SIM card from a vendor abroad, and pop it into your phone, so long as the carrier supports GSM or CDMA, depending on the phone you currently use (the Verizon, or AT&T model).

Article Via ZDNet

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