Apple Error Gives iCloud Users 25GB Of iCloud Storage Until 2050?

Last week Apple began sending out emails to remind some iCloud users of the coming storage downgrades. The emails were sent to former MobileMe subscribers who were temporarily given 20GB of extra storage. Now, though, it has been reported that a glitch in iCloud shows former MobileMe accounts with a renewal date set for 2050.

To see what your storage plan looks like now, go to Settings > iCloud > Account on your iOS device. The free 20 GB of extra storage for previous MobileMe users was set to expire on September 30, but as a result of the glitch, the expiry date is now shown as September 30, 2050.

This is likely just a bug on Apple’s end, and people who are seeing this on their accounts will likely see it changed just as soon as Apple becomes aware of it and fixes it, bringing everyone back down to the free 5 GB limit.

Source: TUAW via iPodNN
Image Credit: iPodNN

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