Apple confirms white iPhone 4 coming this spring — so long iPhone 5!

There were reports circulating yesterday that Apple was getting ready to release the white iPhone 4, but we decided not to post about it. At the time it seemed pretty unlikely, considering the bazillion other times we’ve heard similar rumors, but today it’s starting to sound like it might actually happen.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that they’ve gotten official word from Apple that the white iPhone 4 will be released this spring.

Mark it, the iPhone 5 is not coming to WWDC. If this white iPhone 4 rumor comes true in the next couple of weeks, we highly doubt that Apple will be releasing an iPhone 5 any time soon. We have no definitive information on this, but it seems highly unlikely that Apple would release the much anticipated white iPhone 4 a couple months before the iPhone 5.

Article Via Apple Bitch

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