Apple beats the earphone suit

Audiophiles rejoice.

Apple was up against the wall, facing a class action lawsuit that argued that the entire iPod line lacked proper measures to ensure that a persons hearing isn’t damaged.

Am I alone in thinking that sometimes my iPod doesn’t get loud enough?

Anyway, U.S, District Judge James Ware originally tossed the case out citing a major lack of evidence, and on Wednesday the whole case was put to shame as the Appeals court didn’t rescind the original ruling.

It’s probably a step in the right direction. It’s difficult to argue that people don’t realize that these devices can be damaging to your hearing. It’s understood. While giving users the ability to cap volumes is an excellent idea, forcing them to live in a decibel cap is backward thinking. Users are responsible for their own health, and it’s difficult to separate this particular case’s specifics from other dangerous products we use on a daily basis. Lets let people govern their own lives, and lets stop litigating. Sound like a plan?