Apple And Microsoft Clash Over Revenue Sharing For SkyDrive iOS App

Apple and Microsoft are reportedly locked into a dispute over revenue sharing for Microsoft’s SkyDrive app for iOS. Apple is seeking a 30 percent revenue cut generated by users who sign up for SkyDrive subscriptions within the app, like it does with similar apps in the App Store. Microsoft, however, doesn’t seem to want to give Apple a cut of the dough.

The issues started when Microsoft released the ability for SkyDrive users to purchase more storage space on the service, at which point the company was not allowed to update the app in the iOS App Store. Microsoft’s new update is reportedly ready for release, and includes a key bug fix that would fix crashing problems, but is unable to get the update through.

As of now, Microsoft’s current app allows users to sign up for free SkyDrive accounts and then upgrade to paid subscriptions at a later time. Microsoft apparently even tried to release an update that removes all subscription options (free and paid) but Apple still rejected it.

The last update SkyDrive received was last June. As of now, the app is in a sort of limbo until Apple and Microsoft can reach an agreement. When the app will get another update is unknown at this point.

Image Credit: BGR

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