Apple Acknowledges iPhone 5 Flickering Keyboard, Says Fix On The Way

Have you noticed a flickering on your iPhone 5’s keyboard when logging in to the App Store? If so, you’re not alone. A growing thread on Apple’s discussion forum raised this issue. One user even emailed Apple’s SVP Scott Forstall about it and he got a response!

This weekend, iDownload Blog reader “Aaron R.” reached out to Forstall to see if this glitch was hardware or software-based and included a video of the problem. Within three hours, Forstall had responded… on a Saturday. (Is this legit?)

Then, word on the street today is that a big iOS 6.0.1 update is on its way. Apparently it has just entered the testing phase and will fix this issue as well as others with the first release.

It’s interesting that Apple hasn’t actually publicly acknowledged the bug, but is using responses from executives public email addresses to calm any PR backlash. They did the same with Schiller’s responses to Scuffgate and the iPod touch’s missing ambient light sensor.

Image Credit: techdeville

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