Adeven Claims App Store Full Of Zombie Apps

OK, while the App Store may not be full of actual zombies, analytics startup Adeven says it’s full of zombie software. So, what is “zombie software”? Simple, they are apps with barely any downloads, no ratings and, basically, they are invisible to users. Adeven estimates that roughly 400,000 of these apps exist in the App Store. They have also said that only a few thousand apps on the App Store get a massive amount of downloads. Adeven’s CEO, Christian Henschel, has made the following two statements about why he thinks so many of these zombie apps exist:

This is based on Apple’s closed system — it’s tough to discover those kinds of apps. You don’t have proper search, so the only way to discover new apps is through the top listing

If you’re not on those lists, it’s not sure that you’re being discovered by anyone else. The top 25 tend to be the same companies who spend millions of dollars to get to the top of those lists. If you’re an independent, small app publisher, then it’s really tough to be discovered.

Adeven is launching a new analytics application under the name AppTrace next week. This application will allow developers to view in-depth stats about their apps. This application is favorable for smaller developers because it’s free for life, giving even the smallest developer detailed reports on their application and giving them the chance to stay out of the graveyard.

Source: Gigaom
Image Credit:  Nivaldo Arruda

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