App Gifting Finally Brought Back To iOS, Adds Gift Scheduling

After Apple ditched app gifting earlier this year with iOS 6, it’s brought it back right in time for the holidays. Users can now gift apps to other iTunes users by way of email. iTunes users can also schedule their gifts to be delivered up to 90 days in advance, a feature that wasn’t offered in previous iterations of iOS. This is nice if users plan on sending a gift to a friend for their birthday or other gift-giving occasion.

Gifting apps is pretty simple. All you have to do is navigate to an app’s iTunes page and press the action button. From the action menu, hit the “Gift” button, which is located towards the lower righthand corner of the menu. You can then fill out the recipient’s email information and schedule the gift’s arrival date. The new gifting feature also allows users to send gifts to multiple recipients.

Photo via Apple Insider

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