Soon app developers will be the new rockstars, a study shows it to be so

Nerd is the new cool, bloggers are getting picked up in limos to go to events, and now app developers are quickly becoming the new rockstars. What’s next? Taking advice on how to make friends from geeks? Oh wait, that’s happening too. What kind of topsy-turvy world are we living in these days? Let me tell you. It’s a world where a company like Apple will soon be making more money from selling applications than they will from selling music, and the scary thing is that it’s only going to take three more years to reach that point.

According to a new report from Asymco, income from the App Store will surpass income from the iTunes store within three years. For most, and I don’t think I’m included in this, there’s more utility in a $1.00 application than there is in a $1.00 song, at least according to Business Insider’s original article.

Let’s stop and think about that for a second, and look a little bit beyond our noses. Today, buying an application will have tons of utility, that utility will last until next week, next month, and if it’s great, until next year — not too shabby for a dollar. But for a song, that utility is infinite. Great songs, unlike great applications, don’t go extinct with software updates, and they can certainly outlive a generation, or even two or three generations.

Mobile apps are hot right now, and the music on the radio is garbage. I can see revenue from the App Store passing music in the near future, but saying one provides more utility than the other is as near-sighted as it gets.

Technology is ephemeral — music is not. Let’s keep some perspective here.

Article Via Business Insider
Photo Credit: Carlos Rocha

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